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Scott Hazard

Scott Hazard, whose work addresses the landscape and the ways we perceive and interpret it, graduated with a Master of Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture from the University of Florida. His undergraduate degree in landscape architecture prepared him for a career as a designer that complements his work creating sculpture, installations and environments. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, his work investigates pastoral and urban landscapes at sites ranging from the Appalachian Mountains to downtown vacant lots. His vision of nature is tempered by a poetic sensibility and a constant questioning of the mental constructs that define how we see and engage with the world. Using a combination of common building materials, inherently beautiful hardwoods, video, photography and natural materials, Hazard creates objects that seek to provide the viewer with an opportunity for a different presence of mind, a distilled frame of reference.

Urban Picturesque

Urban Picturesque

Short Film (2:30)

Urban Picturesque ruminates on a small part of the landscape and examines mental constructs of nature which may affect how we see what we see.
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